Hints & Tips: Real Estate Buying & Selling

Tips for Home Sellers

Make good first impressions. The grounds should be properly maintained, summer or winter. Have the lawn mowed and raked, shrubs trimmed, driveway and sidewalks swept or shoveled clean, and all debris removed from property.

Arrange shades or drapes to give a maximum amount of light in dark rooms. Replace all burned out light bulbs and repair all faulty switches. Light colors add cheerfulness to dark rooms, especially kitchens.

Make the easy repairs. Repairs cracked plaster, loose doorknobs, crooked light fixtures. These are small items that are easily repaired. Small things sometimes hinder a sale more than large repairs.

Clear the clutter. Display your storage and utility space by removing all unnecessary accumulation in attic, stairways, basement and garage. They will appear much larger than they actually are.

Fix the plumbing. Correct faulty plumbing. Leaky faucets can discolor porcelain and call attention to plumbing defects.

Eliminate distractions. Turn down or shut off the radio and television to eliminate any possible distraction of the prospect during the showing. Adjust the room temperature to make your home comfortable for prospective purchasers.

Keep pets out of the way. It is recommended that you keep them out of the way or out of the house as much as possible. Some people are uneasy around animals and they may detract from the prospect’s attention.

Keep it neutral.  Make recommended improvements with a tendency toward neutral colors. Unusual colors and styles may clash with the buyer’s taste.

Tips for Home Buyers

Choose a lender and obtain Pre-Approval. You may already have a relationship with your own bank, or need a referral, but….. Pre-Approval will give you a realistic idea of what you can afford to spend and allow you to get into the market with confidence.

Narrow your search area. Check into the towns or cities that you will consider. It’s a good idea to drive around the area, to see what it looks like and estimate drive times to work or check into public transportation schedules.

List items that are really important to you. We suggest that you put together a “reality list” and “wish list”. The “reality list” should include the things that you must have (i.e.: # of bedrooms, type of heat…). The “wish list” items would be really nice to have, but some may not be possible in the price range for which you are qualified.

Speak up. We encourage you to give us your opinions. Be vocal, tell us what you think. You won’t hurt our feelings and it will help us to understand what you are truly looking for… and when we see the right property we will contact you promptly.

Make yourself accessible. Properties are moving very quickly in this market. After you’ve done your “homework” you will need to be available when we call you to view the right home.